The Africa Tech News Tidbits: Week of April 25th

Here is what has been happening in the world of African Tech this week: An interview with Jason Njoku, founder of IrokoTV, known as the “netflix of Africa”. Some good insight in a young business that makes sense because the demand is there on it. On the challenges of growth in Africa, this particular nuggetContinue reading “The Africa Tech News Tidbits: Week of April 25th”

Mobile App Highlight: Dropifi from Ghana

From VC4Africa, the winners of the recent Startup Weekend in Accra with their app Dropifi (not be confused with this Dropify, or this one for that matter): ‚ÄúDropifi is a messaging platform that seeks to bridge the relationship gap between visitors to a website and the business owners. Many websites, if not all, have aContinue reading “Mobile App Highlight: Dropifi from Ghana”