Mobile App Highlight: Dropifi from Ghana

From VC4Africa, the winners of the recent Startup Weekend in Accra with their app Dropifi (not be confused with this Dropify, or this one for that matter):

“Dropifi is a messaging platform that seeks to bridge the relationship gap between visitors to a website and the business owners. Many websites, if not all, have a means of reaching-out to them, most have “contact us” forms and some provide address and location. The contact forms, when filled our correctly, are usually routed to the mail clients of the business owners. Traditional email clients are not designed to extract intelligence from the messages received.

Mail plug-ins such as Rapportive give more information about the contact, other tools like Olark and GetSatisfaction engage the visitors to provide them answers they might be looking for. However, most of these tools have too many features for small businesses. The complex user interface design hides essential features from enterprise users. Dropifi seeks to provide the essential features for (both) small and large-scale companies to build relationships with their site visitors.”

Good stuff!

Full article here

Published by Abou Kone

I am a front end architect with 10+ years of experience in web development. The best part of the process for me is converting ideas into code and solving the technical problems that come along. Alongside providing technical leadership and architectural support to projects spanning multiple industries, I am also experienced in leading discussions with designers, developers, and business stakeholders helping to guide teams in turning complex business workflows or data into easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces. I believe in delivering high quality products and am constantly looking into improving the process and tools use to achieve this goal.

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