Speak Chic: Luxurious pronunciation has no price!

I stumbled on this article from Twitter and after a chuckle, I had to post about it, both because it’s a great necessary idea, but with a great funny factor to me. Essentially after seeing foreign brand names getting their pronunciations slaughtered in countless reality shows, hip and pop songs and of course on YoutubeContinue reading “Speak Chic: Luxurious pronunciation has no price!”

E-Book: App Design help for design-averse developers from Afriapps

Afriapps developer Andrew Mugoya is back at it again with a new book offering some designing help to app developers. TitledĀ  “Help! I am a developer with no clue about design”, the book aims to help developers integrate minimal design elements to make their apps acceptable not only to the Afriapps app store but alsoContinue reading “E-Book: App Design help for design-averse developers from Afriapps”