Lessons in unsuccessful African startup creation

In a blog entry,  developer Pascal Ehitie Aito from Nigeria shares some insight in the best ways not to create a successful startup. It is funny and definitely makes sense. Highlights: When developing your startup idea, ask yourself, “is what I am creating a solution to a NEED or a WANT?”  According to the NigerianContinue reading “Lessons in unsuccessful African startup creation”

Meet Ingenious Labs, mobile and web development startup in Togo

Head over to one of my favorite African related site on the net to check an interview with Togolese entrepreneur and developer Tiyab Konlambigue who created Nomad, an Android app “that allows users to have a digital and social life asynchronously thorugh the Oasis server” (Finalist of the Android Developer Challenge for Africa 2011 competition).Continue reading “Meet Ingenious Labs, mobile and web development startup in Togo”

Paga: A mobile payment startup in Nigeria

I recently ran into this interesting article from Forbes highlighting Paga a Nigerian money transfer service startup. Paga launched in 2009 and has a current user base of 32000 users and $1.6M processing volume so far, attracting even US investors in the person of Tim Draper. Paga’s founder, Tayo Oviosu explains that there is a currentContinue reading “Paga: A mobile payment startup in Nigeria”