4 Tips for the Student Programmer

I’ve recently been going through countless rounds of interview with Computer Science students for an entry level position opening at my company. I wanted to share some pieces of advice for all programming students based on what I observed during those interviews. In this tight economy, even graduating with a sought after diploma such asContinue reading “4 Tips for the Student Programmer”

Debugging: joy or necessary evil?

That’s it, you’ve done it. Spent countless hours programming this feature, the design was excellent, the coding grueling but finally: It is ALIIIVVVEEE…Wait! What was that? No…No, that’s not how it’s supposed to go, WTF (What The Fortran)!?. And so it begins, you now need to DEBUG! Personally, I do enjoy it and i recognizeContinue reading “Debugging: joy or necessary evil?”

Programming mistakes and how to avoid them

For a good write up on some common programming mistakes and how to properly avoid or mitigate them, check out this excellent article by Paul Tero. Not only you get an explanation of the mistake, but he also gives you some tools and techniques to use alongside. What i really appreciated as well about theContinue reading “Programming mistakes and how to avoid them”