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Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have further questions, if you need help, or if you are looking for a consultant on web development projects. Use the form below to contact me or email me directly at abou.kone(@)


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  1. Hello Abou,
    I saw your site regarding some php and wamp server errors. I am creating an android app and would like for the users to register first by providing a user name, password, and email. For some reason though my app is not connecting to my database and I am not sure why? When I go to fill in username,email,password and hit submitt I get my toast error (similiar to echo in php) that says can not log in. And no data is updated in my database. I have asked a few java/android developers and they say my java looks fine. Can you see what I am doing wrong on or guide me through on troubleshooting this?

    I can send you my java code as well as the php code via email but i tried the email address above and says its not valid. I am using a wamp server on my local machine.

    Thanks for any help you can provide

    1. Hey Joe, send me your code at adkone at gmail dot com. I’ll take a look at it and explain a little bit more your architecture, are you building an Android app using native android code? What framework are you using? I never heard of toast.

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