Angular2: A couple of months in

Like any other Angular 1.x developer, I have followed the evolution of the next version of the platform from its announcement through its eventual release. I was not incensed by the lack of (complete )backwards compatibility, as some seemed to be on the initial announcement; the way I saw it, it was indeed a completeContinue reading “Angular2: A couple of months in”

AngularJS Extensive Tutorial: Learn to Build Modern Web Apps

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a full-stack application. It features step-by-step instructions on how to build a fantasy football application, code snippets of the full application, and explanations on design decisions.  

Developing a mobile app with Phonegap, AngularJS and ExpressJS Part I

As a side project, I have embarked lately on the task of developing a mobile application with what ended up using Phonegap, AngularJS and ExpressJS. The gist of the application is to allow users to sign up and be able to share financial tips. I will document my journey along for others who are thinkingContinue reading “Developing a mobile app with Phonegap, AngularJS and ExpressJS Part I”

AngularJS: Watch out for HTML comments in those templates!

One day, using replace:true in your directive configuration might get you a : Error: Template must have exactly one root element. was:<your root element>… error whether you’re providing a template string or loading through templateUrl. I went back and double checked my HTML and it looks like I indeed had only a single root elementContinue reading “AngularJS: Watch out for HTML comments in those templates!”

AngularJS: Unit testing that involves HTML templates

The AngularJS app I work on uses Angular-UI dialogs that load HTML templates for the different Boostrap dialogs used in the app. Dialogs are provided as a service and in my opinion while providing a nice wrapper around the dialog functionality provided by Bootstrap, violates the separation of concern between services and directives enforced byContinue reading “AngularJS: Unit testing that involves HTML templates”