African Tech News Tidbits – Week of July 22nd 2012

Welcome back to another edition! Don’t forget that we still need your help with training the next batch of African Software Engineers. And in Sunday’s African Tech Weekly, we will be interviewing Raindolf Owusu, creator of the Anansi Operating System, the first African Operating System. My story of the week: . Raindolf Owusu is aContinue reading “African Tech News Tidbits – Week of July 22nd 2012”

Titanium Studio: package org.appcelerator.titanium does not exist

After updating to the latest 2.0.1 version of Titanium Studio, i got this error while trying to deploy my applications: package org.appcelerator.titanium does not exist import org.appcelerator.titanium.TiStylesheet; Followed by a bunch of other errors related to missing Titanium libraries. And in the end, that’s just what it was. For some reason, Titanium Studio had setContinue reading “Titanium Studio: package org.appcelerator.titanium does not exist”

Speak Chic: Luxurious pronunciation has no price!

I stumbled on this article from Twitter and after a chuckle, I had to post about it, both because it’s a great necessary idea, but with a great funny factor to me. Essentially after seeing foreign brand names getting their pronunciations slaughtered in countless reality shows, hip and pop songs and of course on YoutubeContinue reading “Speak Chic: Luxurious pronunciation has no price!”