Invalid Argument Error using ScriptTagProxy and IE6

As explained in my earlier post, i used proxy for some cross-domain AJAX data retrieval. Testing in IE6, I kept getting an “Invalid Argument” error in IE traced to this line in the code. A search on the Sencha forum turned up only this post, with no good solution posted. I traced the problemContinue reading “Invalid Argument Error using ScriptTagProxy and IE6”

ExtJS: Reloading a Combobox’s Store using OnTriggerClick

I am working on an application where i use a grid and have a combobox outside the grid whose selections are based on the selected rows within the grid. Basically the content of the combobox is dynamically updated based on the selection of rows. I’ve tried many ways of going about solving this problem sinceContinue reading “ExtJS: Reloading a Combobox’s Store using OnTriggerClick”

Popup Window in IE6: Window appears behind or below the main or parent window

I’ve been trying to open a popup window on selecting an item from a ComboBox in ExtJS and on opening the window, using the popup would start loading and then quickly move below the current page. The behavior i observed only happened in IE6, Firefox loaded the popup fine and it stayed on top. WithContinue reading “Popup Window in IE6: Window appears behind or below the main or parent window”