African Tech News Tidbits: Week of May 30th

It’s been a month since the last iteration so there is a lot to go over. Let’s not then waste time: This right here is absolutely cool, straight: Teaching algorithms through kente cloth: a case for Culturally-Situated Educational Software Upcoming in December 2012 in Cote d’Ivoire, The WHUB: It’s a yearly conference and exhibition hostedContinue reading “African Tech News Tidbits: Week of May 30th”

Lessons in unsuccessful African startup creation

In a blog entry,  developer Pascal Ehitie Aito from Nigeria shares some insight in the best ways not to create a successful startup. It is funny and definitely makes sense. Highlights: When developing your startup idea, ask yourself, “is what I am creating a solution to a NEED or a WANT?”  According to the NigerianContinue reading “Lessons in unsuccessful African startup creation”

West Africa and the push for E-Government

Slowly but surely, West African countries are following the lead set in East Africa in pushing E-Government. In Ivory Coast, a seminar was held last week (December 14th to the 18th 2011) on the topic of e-government moderated by Mr Georges M’bra, of the government’s scientific committee. The Ivorian government wants to modernize the administrationContinue reading “West Africa and the push for E-Government”

Have you heard about Konza City?

When it comes to ICTs, Kenya has demonstrated that it is deservedly one of the leaders in the new Africa. I was recently directed to learn about Konza City by Amadou Daffe of Coders4Africa, who came back impressed with the Kenya and its ICT community from a recent trip to Kenya for a conference. WhatContinue reading “Have you heard about Konza City?”

An overview of the App and Mobile Market in Africa

Two good reads for you about the mobile market in Africa today. First we start with “The Numbers That Lure Telecom Firms to Africa”, good nuggets in the stats cited there, let’s see: 620 million cell phone connections in Africa corresponding to six out of 10 of the continent’s inhabitants. Africa is home to oneContinue reading “An overview of the App and Mobile Market in Africa”