E-Book: App Design help for design-averse developers from Afriapps

Afriapps developer Andrew Mugoya is back at it again with a new book offering some designing help to app developers. Titled  “Help! I am a developer with no clue about design”, the book aims to help developers integrate minimal design elements to make their apps acceptable not only to the Afriapps app store but alsoContinue reading “E-Book: App Design help for design-averse developers from Afriapps”

Website design rules for the African market

Will Mutua at Afrinnovator writes an interesting article on how to design websites for the African market and supports it with some facts on the ground. Looking at the examples of the most successful websites in Kenya and Nigeria, Will comes down with the following nuggets when it comes to designing for the African market:Continue reading “Website design rules for the African market”

E-Book: African Apps in The Global Marketplace

I ran into this e-book totally by mistake, but nothing happens by coincidence in my book so here you go. It’s an e-book by Andrew Mugoya and you can download it from here on the AfriApps marketplace, which if you didn’t know offers great apps written African Developers. Here is a synopsis of the book byContinue reading “E-Book: African Apps in The Global Marketplace”

Mobile: Comparative View Between Kenya and South Africa.

I’d like to direct you to this article by Mariska Du Preez titled “Mobile Technology: a comparative view between Kenya and South Africa“. Some hard numbers are given from research on the mobile market in both coutries, as well the state of the developer communities. With populations roughly equal (42 M Kenyans to 50M SouthContinue reading “Mobile: Comparative View Between Kenya and South Africa.”

African Mobile Tablets: A Reality

I ran into this recent article  from the sharp African Tech Evangelist Robert Alai discussing the topic of African tablets with Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe, an inventor who holds a patent on a microchip used in minimally invasive surgical robots. I’ve first heard about African tablets earlier this year around June from this Engadget article about the WayContinue reading “African Mobile Tablets: A Reality”

Mobile App Highlight: Dropifi from Ghana

From VC4Africa, the winners of the recent Startup Weekend in Accra with their app Dropifi (not be confused with this Dropify, or this one for that matter): “Dropifi is a messaging platform that seeks to bridge the relationship gap between visitors to a website and the business owners. Many websites, if not all, have aContinue reading “Mobile App Highlight: Dropifi from Ghana”

Meet Ingenious Labs, mobile and web development startup in Togo

Head over to one of my favorite African related site on the net to check an interview with Togolese entrepreneur and developer Tiyab Konlambigue who created Nomad, an Android app “that allows users to have a digital and social life asynchronously thorugh the Oasis server” (Finalist of the Android Developer Challenge for Africa 2011 competition).Continue reading “Meet Ingenious Labs, mobile and web development startup in Togo”

An overview of the App and Mobile Market in Africa

Two good reads for you about the mobile market in Africa today. First we start with “The Numbers That Lure Telecom Firms to Africa”, good nuggets in the stats cited there, let’s see: 620 million cell phone connections in Africa corresponding to six out of 10 of the continent’s inhabitants. Africa is home to oneContinue reading “An overview of the App and Mobile Market in Africa”