Social Entrepreneurship: Make a difference

In a guest post at Venture Beat, David Gorodyansky, CEO of AnchorFree, which makes Hotspot Shield, a privacy shield for internet users around the world dicusses examples of entrepreneurs around the US that founded startup whose primary mission was effecting social good as opposed to purely commercial ventures. Gorodyansky argues that: It’s time we tookContinue reading “Social Entrepreneurship: Make a difference”

The Problematic Developer/Programmer Interview Process

I was going through Dzone and bumped into this article by Bozhidar Bozhanov explaining his frustration with the interview process at Facebook after being rejected after 3 phone interviews. In the article Bozhanov explains that the interview process consisted of algorithmic skills and general computer science test (recursion, binary search, basic data structures), basically “easy”Continue reading “The Problematic Developer/Programmer Interview Process”

Update on Programming: “It pays the bills” vs “It satisfies me”

I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses for my previous article: Programming: “It pays the bills” vs “It satisfies me”  and it has now be republished in Chinese here , here, and here. Thanks to my Chinese readers. I can now check off another item on my list of lifetime To-Dos. Programmers of the World,Continue reading “Update on Programming: “It pays the bills” vs “It satisfies me””