African Tech News Tidbits: Week of April 10th

Back for another session of ATNT, and I got some good reads for you. This week the topics covered include disruptive technology in an African context, startups raising funds, hackathons, and a robbery/kidnapping victime saved by Twitter, yes you can believe it! The always-on-point Will Mutua at AfricanBrains gives us an excellent take on theContinue reading “African Tech News Tidbits: Week of April 10th”

U-Mo another mobile money solution in Nigeria

According to Nigeria’s Business Day, another mobile money solution has been launched, directly competing with Paga, the startup i wrote about earlier. Dubbed U-Mo, this initiative is a joint venture between United Bank for Africa and AfriPay and targets Nigeria’s 90 million mobile phone subscribers. The Central Bank of Nigeria recent push for a CashlessContinue reading “U-Mo another mobile money solution in Nigeria”

Paga: A mobile payment startup in Nigeria

I recently ran into this interesting article from Forbes highlighting Paga¬†a Nigerian money transfer service startup. Paga launched in 2009 and has a current user base of 32000 users and $1.6M processing volume so far, attracting even US investors in the person of Tim Draper. Paga’s founder, Tayo Oviosu explains that there is a currentContinue reading “Paga: A mobile payment startup in Nigeria”