Infinite redirect loop when using CakePHP

You will sometimes run into this issue when using CakePHP, I did  a few times, and randomly or so it seemed and the reason is in my case, and I want to bet in most cases, is that you are using the Auth Component, and added a new action to your controller, and simply forgotContinue reading “Infinite redirect loop when using CakePHP”

Speed up your CakePHP application by using Memcached

In anticipation of heavier traffic and also just for performance reasons, I’ve started looking into ways of caching data for Nouchi.Mobi. Since this is a CakePHP application, I naturally looked into PHP cache based solutions and you’d be hard pressed not be recommended Memcached(Used by Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flicker amongst others). Why would you wantContinue reading “Speed up your CakePHP application by using Memcached”

Set up JSON action output in CakePHP 1.3

Working  on setting up the Rest Plugin for CakePHP helped me realize that i wanted to set up JSON output for some of my actions. This way, if you request for example “” in the url, you will be returned the JSON post data. This excellent tutorial here will help you achieve it. The stepsContinue reading “Set up JSON action output in CakePHP 1.3”

Programming: “It pays the bills” vs “It satisfies me”

At this point in my career I find myself increasingly frustrated with my day to day work. You see, living in the DMV area (DC-MD-VA), a lot of the jobs available are in government contracting and as many will tell you, those are well paying jobs with a certain level of job security added. ForContinue reading “Programming: “It pays the bills” vs “It satisfies me””

Download phpssh2.dll extension for PHP 5.3 compatible with WAMP Server 2.1

A project that I am working on now requires shell access basically to dynamically create cron jobs. This took me a minute and will be the topic of an upcoming post but for now, in my local WAMP based dev environment, I need SSH2 set up and good to go. I quickly found out thatContinue reading “Download phpssh2.dll extension for PHP 5.3 compatible with WAMP Server 2.1”

WAMP Apache Error: “You don’t have permission to access / on this server”

Installing and setting up WAMP is a breeze on Windows, but you are bound to run into issues. I’ve encountered a peculiar one this weekend while trying to run a PHP application I am working on. I had XAMPP already running on my machine, and to avoid having both WAMP and XAMPP lauching by side,Continue reading “WAMP Apache Error: “You don’t have permission to access / on this server””

Using the CakePHP 1.2 Email component

I was following the documentation at about sending an email with CakePHP using the Email component, used the sample code they provided but could not get my application to send email. A little bit of googling helped me figure out what was going on. I have CakePHP setup within my XAMPP htdocs directory andContinue reading “Using the CakePHP 1.2 Email component”

Validating a checkbox in CakePHP 1.2

I was looking for a good way to validate a checkbox for a site i was working on, and came upon this link that pointed me in the right direction: I followed the instruction, mainly: But for some reason, it would not work for me no matter what i tried, my checkbox still failedContinue reading “Validating a checkbox in CakePHP 1.2”