Javascript Comma Operator

I had quite frankly never heard of this operator before and ran into it while debugging an app. Basically I had an if statement as such: if(false,”foo”){} which would to my surprise evaluate to true and not give me a syntax error which I was expecting given the “misplaced” comma. A little bit of feedbackContinue reading “Javascript Comma Operator”

AngularJS Extensive Tutorial: Learn to Build Modern Web Apps

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a full-stack application. It features step-by-step instructions on how to build a fantasy football application, code snippets of the full application, and explanations on design decisions.  

Eight Cool Features Coming in ES6

Check out this cool article on upcoming features in the next version of Javascript. I can particularly appreciate the “let” construct that allows you to get rid of closures, making your code much more readable. Amongs other notable improvements are the support for full OO code with the “class” construct, support for modules (as inContinue reading “Eight Cool Features Coming in ES6”

Code Hero: A video game gun that shoots Javascript?

This was cool enough for me to mention it, Primer Labs, a company that “makes games that teach and inspire to make all knowledge playable” has release their flagship product, Code Hero. In their words: Code Hero is a co-op first-person science shooter where you use the code gun to manipulate code. Your code gunContinue reading “Code Hero: A video game gun that shoots Javascript?”

On expertise, self confidence and job hunting

Every time I go through a job search as I am going through right now, it is always surprising to me how much of an humbling experience it becomes. Reading job descriptions is a good way to quantify and effectively gauge what you have accomplished, that you might not even value as actual skill, andContinue reading “On expertise, self confidence and job hunting”

ExtJS JSON Date Serializer: TimeZones and Format

Through development, we finally ran into the Javascript date issue where the dates sent between the front and the backend were not in sync. The front end was sending the dates to the backend in “YYYY-MM_DD” format, and the Jackson’s deserializer would append the application’s server timezone to the date, and this would result inContinue reading “ExtJS JSON Date Serializer: TimeZones and Format”

IE6: Invalid Argument Error

If you are using ExtJS and getting an “Invalid Argument” Javascript error in IE6, make sure to check your CSS for example, i get them when dynamically setting “Width” on an element. If the value is not conventionally expressed in pixels. IE will choke on it while Firefox will still accept it. Make sure thenContinue reading “IE6: Invalid Argument Error”