Code Hero: A video game gun that shoots Javascript?

Code Hero world
Code Hero

This was cool enough for me to mention it, Primer Labs, a company that “makes games that teach and inspire to make all knowledge playable” has release their flagship product, Code Hero. In their words:

Code Hero is a co-op first-person science shooter where you use the code gun to manipulate code. Your code gun can copy code like new items and fire it like ammunition to do new things.

You can edit new code to do anything you can imagine. You’ll learn how to blast the enemy, manipulate the world, and build structures creatively to create the games of your dreams and recruit an army of coders to save the world from rogue AI.

The game can be played without prior programming experience, but as the player skills increases in the game he or she can pick up on enough of the language to bring custom solutions to the challenges posed by the game. This is an interesting project by all means and I encourage you, especially non technical and younger people to try it out!

Code Hero


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