Have you heard about Konza City?

Konza City
Konza City

When it comes to ICTs, Kenya has demonstrated that it is deservedly one of the leaders in the new Africa. I was recently directed to learn about Konza City by Amadou Daffe of Coders4Africa, who came back impressed with the Kenya and its ICT community from a recent trip to Kenya for a conference. What is Konza City? First you need to head over and visit the site to see the blue prints, 3D rendering of the vision for this new technopolis the government of Kenya wants to create.

Konza City is a foray into the future, and the intention here is to create a 2000 hectare (~7.7 square miles for the metric system challegend readers), $7 billion technopolis 60KM from downtown Nairobi and 50KM from Jomo Kenyatta International airport on a clean sheet site based on successful new town projects around the world put together by an international team of experts, drawing on best practice from places such as the UK, China and Brazil to ensure global competitiveness. Konza City will provide the best ICT infrastructure in Kenya, and probably in Eastern Africa and will also function as a business center with excellent transport and communication links. The city layout will include a modern transport infrastructure, a BPO technological park, a  business district, a science park, a university campus and overall, green and open spaces. The city will be developed in 4 phases to allow phased development permitting rapid growth whilst ensuring that the civic amenities and infrastructure grow with the population’s needs.

Konza City is at the center of the vision for the Silicon Savannah and if this vision comes to fruition, it will truly be an achievement to celebrate and to emulate, especially in Western Africa. We don’t lack blueprints, 3d renderings and visualizations for grand brand new projects from our “leadership” when they are campaigning or when they just take power, but more than often, they stay at that stage so I remain skeptical with a see it to believe it attitude but in ICT, Kenya as already proven its dedication to investing in this sector so with plans finalized this past summer and firms currently looking for projects to invest in, i am confident that Konza City will see the light of the day and not suffer the fate of a similar technopolis president Wade had presented in Senegal who last I heard, was morphed into a traditional wrestling mega-arena…


12 responses to “Have you heard about Konza City?”

  1. i love the konza city view

  2. Would obviously cherish the moment konza city takes shape

  3. The city is wonderfull

  4. I think this city will saw kenya’s framework towards development and vision 2030.but if we want to develop kenya equally i think such projects should be sited in less maginalized places and far from nairobi eg isiolo or mbeere.

  5. indeed not a bad city~but as we approach to erect new leaders need to think big coz we need leaders who wil acomplish thz project

  6. As a youth and an upcoming investor, just how can I benefit from this great idea?

    Are there any source of capital boost for upcoming investors especially the youth?

  7. This a big step to us kenyans now we are catching up with the rest of the world.

  8. Congratulation to the government for bringing such developments to reserves. I as a resident of konza we will be in advantage of new technology,jobs,investment and accessbility will be easy. I am ready to offer any assistance to any positive idea.thanks.

  9. I believe whoever conceived the idea was a transformative personality whose mind-set of faith has touched and will endlessly transform the Kenyan economy to a triple digit. The rich and the mighty they will be relieved the unnecessary trips to Dubai, Paris, China, Miami, Canada just to do their shopping. As a budding investor i believe this is a grand opportunity to revolutionalise the Kenyan economy.

  10. Innocent Pearson Avatar
    Innocent Pearson

    i just can’t wait to be ithat city

  11. nyambura silviah Avatar
    nyambura silviah

    very good developmental idea .y but ask many Kenyans,it should have been done in marginalized areas to help the surrounding grow..like eastern province…-garisa,turkana,isiolo,wajir etc etc.

    1. Inner Space Africa Avatar
      Inner Space Africa

      Konza city for sure will change not only Kenya but Africa at large, however like nyambura asked, why not in marginalized areas? i mean yes it is a great project but Machakos is so near Nairobi and maybe we need to exploit other areas too instead of suffocating the ‘city’?

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