Social Entrepreneurship: Make a difference

Make a difference 2012-04-09 14-18-11In a guest post at Venture Beat, David Gorodyansky, CEO of AnchorFree, which makes Hotspot Shield, a privacy shield for internet users around the world dicusses examples of entrepreneurs around the US that founded startup whose primary mission was effecting social good as opposed to purely commercial ventures. Gorodyansky argues that:

It’s time we took a cue from innovators such as the duo behind MobiCrops, an app aimed at eradicating world hunger. New Jersey Institute of Technology graduate students Daniel Boston and Manoop Talasila developed the app as a tool to enable farmers around the world to communicate better, therefore improving their efficiency for planning and growing crops for those most in need.

“Our first goal is usually to solve the problem, not make money,” the students said.

It’s this mentality that should serve as our guide as we launch start-ups and build business plans. The world doesn’t need another mind-numbing game. It needs solutions like the ones the NJIT students devised. Once you identify a true problem and develop a means for addressing it, the money will come.

I especially agree with that last sentence and it kind off resumes my take on entrepreneurship as it related to my life goals. The primary motivation is to affect a change in the world, but honestly, I am not Mother Teresa, nor a monk so i want to take care of my family as well. The ideal venture I am working on will achieve both God willing even though it’s a hard road to trod.


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