African Tech News Tidbits: Week of July 8th 2012

STARZ Institute of Technology in Libera
STARZ Institute of Technology in Libera

The sister program to the African Tech News Tidbits is now live. The African Tech Weekly on Coders4Africa Radio will, as previously announced be broadcast every Sunday at 1:00PM East/17:00GMT from Koun Fayah Koun Studios in Laurel MD. We feature the movers and shakers of the African Tech world, those you have heard about and mostly those that you should hear about. This Sunday we will feature Max Bonbhel, president of the Java User Group Africa, Senam Beheton, founder of tech hub EtriLabs, and Kwame Andah, Director of Communications for Coders4Africa, and of course, talk more about these #atntidbits right hurrr! Be sure to tune in, and the podcasts from the show.

That is all for this week. Don’t forget to check out the show.

Published by Abou Kone

I am a front end architect with 10+ years of experience in web development. The best part of the process for me is converting ideas into code and solving the technical problems that come along. Alongside providing technical leadership and architectural support to projects spanning multiple industries, I am also experienced in leading discussions with designers, developers, and business stakeholders helping to guide teams in turning complex business workflows or data into easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces. I believe in delivering high quality products and am constantly looking into improving the process and tools use to achieve this goal.

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