Speak Chic: Luxurious pronunciation has no price!

Speak Chic App
The Speak Chic App

I stumbled on this article from Twitter and after a chuckle, I had to post about it, both because it’s a great necessary idea, but with a great funny factor to me. Essentially after seeing foreign brand names getting their pronunciations slaughtered in countless reality shows, hip and pop songs and of course on Youtube (without forgetting obnoxious people at the mall), enter Speak Chic! For $1.99 please make sure that if you are obnoxious enough to bash people ears in with the brand names you own, at least you are pronouncing it correctly!

All jokes aside, this is a great idea and the app is designed by Rebelle a mobile app company founded by Monique Woodard whose main audience are fashion aficionados and insiders who might not always be up on the correct pronunciation for the latest names to make their appearance in the business. The app allow users to “quickly and discreetly search for the correct pronunciation, read the phonetic spelling, and listen to the audio”. Makes sense to me!


Published by Abou Kone

I am a front end architect with 10+ years of experience in web development. The best part of the process for me is converting ideas into code and solving the technical problems that come along. Alongside providing technical leadership and architectural support to projects spanning multiple industries, I am also experienced in leading discussions with designers, developers, and business stakeholders helping to guide teams in turning complex business workflows or data into easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces. I believe in delivering high quality products and am constantly looking into improving the process and tools use to achieve this goal.

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