Sencha Touch MVC Application Tutorial

I have been catching up on the work of CAM, who has an excellent, so far 3 part series on how to build a MVC mobile application using Sencha Touch. The Sencha Touch tutorials seem to leave a lot of people confused so CAM hand holding and informative approached is quite refreshing. Head over to the site:

3 thoughts on “Sencha Touch MVC Application Tutorial

  1. Hi all Sencha Touch Dev,
    i am a new Dev that i have one problem need someone to help something,I want to get Json Data Transfer from url: but it error. SMS Error on Fire buge: invalid label
    [Break On This Error] “data”: [
    here is my code:


    Test Sencha Respone Json Data

    Test Sencha Respone Json Data


    // JavaScript Document

    name: ‘Sencha’,
    launch: function() {
    Ext.create(‘Ext.DataView’, {
    fullscreen: true,
    store: {
    autoLoad: true,
    //fields: [‘from_user’, ‘text’, ‘profile_image_url’],
    fields: [“id”,”cust_firstname”, “cust_lastname”,”cust_email”],

    proxy: {
    type: ‘jsonp’,
    url: ‘’,

    reader: {
    type: ‘json’,
    root: ‘data’
    itemConfig: {
    tpl: ‘{from_user}{text}’


    pls help me, and thank u for advance ………..for reply me i allway waitting .,

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