Lion’s Lair, A $1500 Youth Entrepreneurship Contest by MakingAfricaWork

Making Africa Work is an international social enterprise dedicated to building the capacity of entrepreneurial young Africans and Canadians to create sustainable wealth and employment through internships, training and collective ingenuity. Its mission is to unlock African’s economic potential by enhancing youth oriented global interaction, exposure and partnerships using modern technology and media. To thatContinue reading “Lion’s Lair, A $1500 Youth Entrepreneurship Contest by MakingAfricaWork”

Beginning Entrepreneurship

It’s not easy and I just started. It’s intimidating and exciting like a blank canvas. It feels like I am standing at the edge of a plane or a precipice looking down and appreciating or dreading the free fall. The difference is whether I have a parachute or not, and whether that parachute will indeedContinue reading “Beginning Entrepreneurship”