E-Book: African Apps in The Global Marketplace

I ran into this e-book totally by mistake, but nothing happens by coincidence in my book so here you go. It’s an e-book by Andrew Mugoya and you can download it from here on the AfriApps marketplace, which if you didn’t know offers great apps written African Developers. Here is a synopsis of the book byContinue reading “E-Book: African Apps in The Global Marketplace”

Have you heard about Konza City?

When it comes to ICTs, Kenya has demonstrated that it is deservedly one of the leaders in the new Africa. I was recently directed to learn about Konza City by Amadou Daffe of Coders4Africa, who came back impressed with the Kenya and its ICT community from a recent trip to Kenya for a conference. WhatContinue reading “Have you heard about Konza City?”

Mobile App Highlight: Dropifi from Ghana

From VC4Africa, the winners of the recent Startup Weekend in Accra with their app Dropifi (not be confused with this Dropify, or this one for that matter): “Dropifi is a messaging platform that seeks to bridge the relationship gap between visitors to a website and the business owners. Many websites, if not all, have aContinue reading “Mobile App Highlight: Dropifi from Ghana”

Meet Ingenious Labs, mobile and web development startup in Togo

Head over to one of my favorite African related site on the net to check an interview with Togolese entrepreneur and developer Tiyab Konlambigue who created Nomad, an Android app “that allows users to have a digital and social life asynchronously thorugh the Oasis server” (Finalist of the Android Developer Challenge for Africa 2011 competition).Continue reading “Meet Ingenious Labs, mobile and web development startup in Togo”

An overview of the App and Mobile Market in Africa

Two good reads for you about the mobile market in Africa today. First we start with “The Numbers That Lure Telecom Firms to Africa”, good nuggets in the stats cited there, let’s see: 620 million cell phone connections in Africa corresponding to six out of 10 of the continent’s inhabitants. Africa is home to oneContinue reading “An overview of the App and Mobile Market in Africa”

System D or how informal economy profits the mobile market

The website How We Made it in Africa is a must read if you want to keep tracks of tech and other interesting news that are happening in Africa and would otherwise fly under the radar. In a recent article title “How MTN is profiting from Nigeria’s informal economy“, correspondant Robert Neuwirth examines how AfricanContinue reading “System D or how informal economy profits the mobile market”

U-Mo another mobile money solution in Nigeria

According to Nigeria’s Business Day, another mobile money solution has been launched, directly competing with Paga, the startup i wrote about earlier. Dubbed U-Mo, this initiative is a joint venture between United Bank for Africa and AfriPay and targets Nigeria’s 90 million mobile phone subscribers. The Central Bank of Nigeria recent push for a CashlessContinue reading “U-Mo another mobile money solution in Nigeria”

“Why Africa May Never Produce a Facebook” – A Valid Argument?

I came up on this article by Mfonobong Nsehe who also wrote the article that inspired my previous blog post and it created a good Facebook conversation with a couple of friends of mine. From the comment section, you can also see that this has stirred up some passions. Nsehe’s question that serves as theContinue reading ““Why Africa May Never Produce a Facebook” – A Valid Argument?”

Lion’s Lair, A $1500 Youth Entrepreneurship Contest by MakingAfricaWork

Making Africa Work is an international social enterprise dedicated to building the capacity of entrepreneurial young Africans and Canadians to create sustainable wealth and employment through internships, training and collective ingenuity. Its mission is to unlock African’s economic potential by enhancing youth oriented global interaction, exposure and partnerships using modern technology and media. To thatContinue reading “Lion’s Lair, A $1500 Youth Entrepreneurship Contest by MakingAfricaWork”

Paga: A mobile payment startup in Nigeria

I recently ran into this interesting article from Forbes highlighting Paga a Nigerian money transfer service startup. Paga launched in 2009 and has a current user base of 32000 users and $1.6M processing volume so far, attracting even US investors in the person of Tim Draper. Paga’s founder, Tayo Oviosu explains that there is a currentContinue reading “Paga: A mobile payment startup in Nigeria”