The Africa Tech News Tidbits: Week of April 25th

Here is what has been happening in the world of African Tech this week: An interview with Jason Njoku, founder of IrokoTV, known as the “netflix of Africa”. Some good insight in a young business that makes sense because the demand is there on it. On the challenges of growth in Africa, this particular nuggetContinue reading “The Africa Tech News Tidbits: Week of April 25th”

African Tech News Tidbits: Week of April 17th

A lot happening and since my schedule cleared up a bit, let’s do a quick round of what’s been happening in the world of AfricaTech. First, this is a must read by Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo, titled “Will Europe Underdevelop Africa Again?“, on the inequities of the new Economic Partnership Agreements or EPAs being negotiatedContinue reading “African Tech News Tidbits: Week of April 17th”

Kenyan startups: As real businesses or social impact projects?

In an interesting reflection, Dinfin Mulupi over at HowWeMadeItInAfrica brings up a worry from investors in Kenya that the emphasis on social impact technology is distracting entrepreneurs from building real tech businesses. That’s a  good question to ask I believe, and legitimate from an investor point of view. As argued by Nikolai Barnwell of 88mph,Continue reading “Kenyan startups: As real businesses or social impact projects?”

African Tech News Tidbits: Week of April 10th

Back for another session of ATNT, and I got some good reads for you. This week the topics covered include disruptive technology in an African context, startups raising funds, hackathons, and a robbery/kidnapping victime saved by Twitter, yes you can believe it! The always-on-point Will Mutua at AfricanBrains gives us an excellent take on theContinue reading “African Tech News Tidbits: Week of April 10th”

Social Entrepreneurship: Make a difference

In a guest post at Venture Beat, David Gorodyansky, CEO of AnchorFree, which makes Hotspot Shield, a privacy shield for internet users around the world dicusses examples of entrepreneurs around the US that founded startup whose primary mission was effecting social good as opposed to purely commercial ventures. Gorodyansky argues that: It’s time we tookContinue reading “Social Entrepreneurship: Make a difference”

Africa Tech News Tidbits: Week of March 25th

Here we are back again. Another round of African Tech news you might have missed over the past couple of weeks: Forbes has an interview with Magatte Wade, a young senegalese woman who successfully started and ran a $30M business, Adina World Beverages before starting anew with a new venture, Tiossan. If you ever hadContinue reading “Africa Tech News Tidbits: Week of March 25th”

A list of West African brilliant startups?

Memeburn just compiled a list of 30 African startups and it’s an inspiration to see the list of business models and technologies at play. The startup scene in Africa is definitely picking up, and ideas come from all over the continent. Of course South Africa and Kenya are well represented, as well as Nigeria (TruSpot),Continue reading “A list of West African brilliant startups?”