The Problematic Developer/Programmer Interview Process

I was going through Dzone and bumped into this article by Bozhidar Bozhanov explaining his frustration with the interview process at Facebook after being rejected after 3 phone interviews. In the article Bozhanov explains that the interview process consisted of algorithmic skills and general computer science test (recursion, binary search, basic data structures), basically “easy”Continue reading “The Problematic Developer/Programmer Interview Process”

Africa Tech News Tidbits: Week of March 25th

Here we are back again. Another round of African Tech news you might have missed over the past couple of weeks: Forbes has an interview with Magatte Wade, a young senegalese woman who successfully started and ran a $30M business, Adina World Beverages before starting anew with a new venture, Tiossan. If you ever hadContinue reading “Africa Tech News Tidbits: Week of March 25th”

A list of West African brilliant startups?

Memeburn just compiled a list of 30 African startups and it’s an inspiration to see the list of business models and technologies at play. The startup scene in Africa is definitely picking up, and ideas come from all over the continent. Of course South Africa and Kenya are well represented, as well as Nigeria (TruSpot),Continue reading “A list of West African brilliant startups?”

Update an array property in MongoDB with multiple values

If you are working with array properties in your Mongo documents you know that by using $push you can add a value to an existing array or create one and add the value to it like: db.test.push({name:”TechnologicalAfrican”}, {$push:{partners:”Abou Kone”}}) But let’s say you have an array like var partners =  [“Coders4Africa”, “EtriLabs”, “IndexDot”] and youContinue reading “Update an array property in MongoDB with multiple values”

Africa Tech News Tidbits, Week of March 5

Back at it, after  taking a little break due to a busy work schedule, let’s see what’s been happening in African Tech: In Cameroon, a young entrepreneur just released the Cardiopad, a medical tablet designed to help with remote diagnosis of heart problems. Saya Mobile in Ghana has released a messaging competitor to WhatsApp calledContinue reading “Africa Tech News Tidbits, Week of March 5”

Cardiopad: A Cameroonian Medical Tablet

Arthur Zang is a 24 year old Cameroonian who just came up with the country’s first medical tablet, the CardioPad, which is aimed at helping diagnose heart patients. Zang explains that the tablet will help “enable remote medical exams and the transfer of those results without the patients travelling to the city where the heartContinue reading “Cardiopad: A Cameroonian Medical Tablet”