Update an array property in MongoDB with multiple values

If you are working with array properties in your Mongo documents you know that by using $push you can add a value to an existing array or create one and add the value to it like: db.test.push({name:”TechnologicalAfrican”}, {$push:{partners:”Abou Kone”}}) But let’s say you have an array like var partners =¬† [“Coders4Africa”, “EtriLabs”, “IndexDot”] and youContinue reading “Update an array property in MongoDB with multiple values”

Installing MongoDB on Ubuntu 11.10

If you’re like me new to Ubuntu, you’d rather install your software through Aptitude instead of dealing with editing various config files and moving files and archives around, so needing to get up to speed on MongoDB, i looked for a quick way to get it set up and sure enough: http://www.stehem.net/2012/01/16/how-to-install-mongodb-on-ubuntu-11-10.html This link willContinue reading “Installing MongoDB on Ubuntu 11.10”