Google Music Beta: A couple of months later…

I was excited to participate in the Google Music Beta testing and so far i can say that i really like the app. It performs well as far as playing music, specially through Bluetooth which i use daily. Be warned though that you better organize your music before uploading to the cloud. As I have found, once it’s up there, if you need to delete anything, well, let’s just hope that you have a blazing fast connection and the patience of a pimp. I basically gave up. My collection is unorgazined and since it seems that Google is following the convention (is it one?) or organizing albums by the “Album Artist” property of the IDv3 tag, well let’s just say that i have thousands of albums of one song…in the cloud…teasing me…Anyway, I looked for a way to wipe my collection clean and start over, but it seems that for now, no dice. You just can’t delete all your files in the cloud.

My second problem, which is more of a feature request, would be the ability to tweet the Now Playing song name and artist, optionally album with the #np hashtag from within the Android app. That would be neat and up to the time! My solution for my earlier problem right now is to just deal with my offline music until somebody comes up with a solution. I’ll ping the Beta team with my problem and see what comes of it.

Update 07-08-2011: Other people are apparently trying to do the same. No dice so far.

Update 01/19/2012: To delete your entire music library and start from scratch, go to Music Settings (Click on the Gear Icon next to your Google Profile picture in the top dark Google bar) and choose the option Delete My Library. It was a long time coming!



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