Visual Editor Tool for CSS 3 Gradients

Colorzilla offers a gradient creator tool I found to be useful in quickly and visually create gradients. They have preset that you can build upon or create your own custom gradients.

Check it out at:

Download phpssh2.dll extension for PHP 5.3 compatible with WAMP Server 2.1

A project that I am working on now requires shell access basically to dynamically create cron jobs. This took me a minute and will be the topic of an upcoming post but for now, in my local WAMP based dev environment, I need SSH2 set up and good to go. I quickly found out that the version downloaded from the official PHP site needs to be compiled in a DLL.  No time and not set up with MS Visual Studio for that. I was able to procure a version that worked with my local set up of WAMPServer V2.1 on Windows XP:

You can download it here.

Hope it helps!

Mysql: Remove Duplicate Values on Creating A New Table

I had a reference table for all of the World Countries that i wanted to extract Currency data from to another new table. I initially use this code which created a new table with 263 records.

CREATE TABLE currencies SELECT tld, currency, currencycode FROM countries ; 

I quickly realized that for the purpose I was creating this table, which is to have a unique list of currency codes, this didn’t work. The 263 rows were 99 too many as there are only 164 unique currency codes in my table. Dug around the net for a while and came up with this query:

CREATE TABLE currencies SELECT tld, currency, currencycode FROM countries GROUP BY currencycode; 

That took care of my initial problem.