ExtJS: Printing Panels and Grids

One of the features i had to implement in one of the ExtJS application I’ve worked on  is printing. I was surprised to find out that there was no official print stylesheet for ExtJS. Overall, my strategy was to bring up the print layout within a popup window and call the window.print() command once rendering […]

Android Development: PhoneGap’s “No such file or directory” Error

I was following the tutorial on the Phonegap wiki to set up the example project within the Eclipse SDK and ran into this issue where PhoneGap could not find the phonegap.jar under the framework directory: `stat’: no such file or directory android-sdk-path.bat D:/Development/Android/example_android/framework/phonegap.jar (Errno::ENOENT) I had followed the previous steps and was puzzled by this […]

Invalid Argument Error using ScriptTagProxy and IE6

As explained in my earlier post, i used Ext.data.ScriptTag proxy for some cross-domain AJAX data retrieval. Testing in IE6, I kept getting an “Invalid Argument” error in IE traced to this line in the code. A search on the Sencha forum turned up only this post, with no good solution posted. I traced the problem […]